Health of Project vs Health of Team

As project and programme managers we are always concerned with the health of our projects - are we on schedule, how is the budget, will there be any scope changes?

Health of Project vs Health of Team.jpg

In today’s world, we have more and more tools and techniques at our fingertips to help us with this and we are often inundated with metrics, KPIs and data to diagnose issues in our projects. But are we neglecting the most important aspect of our projects – the wellbeing of our project team? Who is paying attention to the mental health of our project members and project managers?

We are living in an increasingly interconnected world, with communication across the globe being easier than ever. Technology has made the world smaller and has exponentially increased the availability of information and data. In our projects, we have software and dashboards that can tell us anything we want to know about the project with a few clicks of the mouse, whether we are resident on the project site or thousands of miles away from the project location. What all of this technology cannot tell us, and often will mask, is how the project team itself is faring. The interpersonal is being lost in the interconnectivity... Read more

Author: Raymond Poole, Managing Director of PMIS