Leverage the expertise of Program Management Information Services Ltd. for rapid implementation and high satisfaction.

At PMIS Ltd. all our implementation consultants are trained in our Five-Step Implementation Methodology. In addition they bring years of real world experience of implementing project management techniques in a variety of industries.

Projects of every imaginable type are creating the future of your business - there are no zero-impact environments. As projects achieve greater importance and visibility in the business world, executives will demand even more from project personnel than they do already. And, let's face it - project management skills and processes have become core requirements for business success.

The pressure to succeed is real, whether that pressure comes from internal drivers or from your competition, today's accelerated business cycles demand rapid action and increasingly efficient project management. That's why PMIS Ltd. is here to help. PMIS Services team is a dedicated group of project management experts and technology professionals. They have the product knowledge; technical skills and experience to help you quickly reap measurable benefits from our many offerings of PM software solutions.

Our experts can address your business needs on a global, regional and industry-specific level. We will work closely with you to determine the scope of your project management requirements. We'll collaborate with your internal team to define and map your project management best practices into our PM software systems. This joint effort delivers a world-class solution that ensures project success.